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Alder Wood Chips & Chunks


Whether you're smoking salmon, fish, meats, or, barbequing a turkey, nothing compares to the naturally sweet smoked flavor of Western Red Alder wood chips and chunks.

The Western Red Alder, unlike its very low sugar shrub-like eastern cousins (Golden, Speckled, Common, etc.), is a hardwood tree often exceeding 75 ft. in height. Indigenous west of the Cascade mountain range of the Pacific Northwest, Western Red Alder wood has become a favorite wood smoking flavor. (Extracted Alder syrup smells just like bananas!) Made famous throughout the world by Northwest native's seafood and salmon smoking, the Western Red Alder's natural sugars provide a truly unique smoked flavor. Great for BBQ smokers & meat smokers alike, Western Red Alder wood's delightful smoke flavor enriches all fish, seafood, meats, and vegetables.  And, Alder makes a great cocktail wood.  Mix your Alder with hickory or fruit woods.  You'll be thrilled with the sweetened results!

Western Red Alder wood - it's how to smoke salmon... or anything else!

"I love the chips I have purchased from you. I have had other brands that were more shredded an ddid not last as long as your product. I can't wait until I order more stuff from you guyrs! thank you for the awesome service!" -Zachary John

Thanks Zachary!

For contest winning recipes detailing how to smoke salmon & other meats or vegetables, please visit Smoking with Alder & Brine Recipes.

1.8 lbs = 1 Gallon
Alder wood chips for smoking meats or smoking salmon, fish & seafood.

Fresh Dried Alder Wood Smoking Chips

8 lb bag*

12 lb bag*
$ 22.95/bag*

20 lb. bag*
$ 29.95/bag*

When smoking fish, or barbequing seafood, seasoned gourmets know nothing tastes comparable to the natural sugars from Alder wood smoke!
* Alder wood chips are forced air dried. For best smoking results, dunk your wood chips in cold water prior to use.

Don't forget to enter your favorite smoking or plankgrilling recipes for a chance to win a FREE 12lb. bag of Alder wood chips, chunks or, your choice of one package of Alder, Maple or Cedar grilling planks!

Bagged Alder smoking wood chips are perfect for meat smokers or bbq smokers.

Milled Alder Wood Chunks (98% Bark Free!)

Our standard kiln dried milled hardwood chunks range in sizes between 2" x 2" x 1/2" thick to 3" x 3" x 2" thick.

For the best barbequing results, soak your Alder wood chunks in water for one hour prior to use. For commercial smoke cookers such as Southern Pride® or Old Hickory® we offer milled Alder chunks one inch thick in both 8 inch or 12 inch lengths (widths vary.) Call (360) 452-3150 or email for 25 lb. box or pallet pricing.

Perfect for small, medium, big, or barrel barbequing!

8 lb Bag

12 lb. Bag

20 lb. Bag

Alder Big Blocks

Sizes Vary up to 10"x10"x2"
20 lb. Bag

Cedar BBQ Chunks
Additional smoke flavor for Cedar Planks
10 lb. Bag

Western Maple Chunks
20 lb. Bag

Please allow 3-7 business days for delivery of your Alder wood chips or chunks via FedEx Ground within the 48 contiguous United States only. If you are outside the contiguous U.S. (including APO/FPO), please call (360) 452-3150 or fax (360) 452-3159 for a wholesale shipping quote.

Commercial inquiries are welcome.
Please email or call (360) 452-3150 Fax (360) 452-3159.

Salmon Smoking Accessories

All natural Kiln dried Alder wood & Cedar planks for unparralled BBQ Grilling of salmon, seafood & meats.Salmon Planks

Solid Cedar, Maple and Alder Planks for exceptional wood smoked grilling.

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Alder Wood Chips & Chunks
Assorted bags of all natural Western Red Alder wood chips & Kiln dried wood chunks for BBQ & meat smokers.
For barbequing or smoking salmon, fish, and seafood nothing beats the taste of
Alder Wood Smoked!

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Baking & Cooking Planks
Baking & Cooking Planks
Just EZ™ indoor cooking planks bring modern flair to any baking recipe.

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Create your own unique gift box idea.
Wholesale & Corporate too!

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