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Q. What does it mean, "fresh, never frozen"?

A. Once you've ordered, we soak, smoke, package & ship, - fresh. (Once hot smoked, freezing weakens the salmon's firm texture and substantially reduces the rich Alder smoked flavor. Most mass produced hot smoked salmon has been frozen... often for months.)

Q. Why use 3-6 oz. package sizes?

A. We've found most people, try as they may, can't eat 1 to 5 lbs. at a sitting. With 3-6 oz packaging,... you don't have to; leaving the rest for future indulgence.

Q. Is Just Smoked Salmon "cold smoked" or "hot smoked"?

A. All except the sliced smoked salmon lox (cold smoked) are Hot Smoked with Alder! Of Course!

Q. Do you use iodized salt or non-iodized salt in your brine?

A. Non-Iodized

Q. Why is shelf life 2 months? Others list upto 4 years.

A. We don't use artificial preservatives. This is one way we assure the alder smoked salmon you receive is truly fresh.

Q. Do you use wild, or farmed salmon?

A. Located on the northwest corner of Washington State, we only use wild Pacific ocean salmon, of course!

Q. Why do Olympic Peninsula Alder Smoked Salmon Products™ cost roughly one-half less than others?

A. We're not sure why that is. Maybe freezing and artificial preservatives cost more than they used to. 

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