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Wild Pacific Sockeye Salmon Fillets

Just Smoked Salmon's House Brand

Caught in cold north Pacific Ocean waters, these premium vacuum sealed fresh frozen wild sockeye salmon fillets are a Pacific Northwest treasure. With vacuum sealed freshness locked in quickly after leaving the water, these wild salmon & seafood fillet & steaks will please any discriminating seafood conossieur. (These wild salmon fillets are partially deboned. The pinbone remains intact.)

In salmon, nature has produced a superb food; Tasty, very healthy, and easy to cook!

Sustainably Harvested • Naturally Organic

Whether you plank cook, BBQ grill, smoke salmon, or, wish to make Sashimi grade sushi, starting with premium grade fresh wild salmon is a must. With Just Smoked Salmon's™ unsmoked fresh wild Sockeye, King & Coho salmon fillets or steaks, succulent success is virtually assured.

These hand selected wild Pacific salmon fillets or steaks are the highest quality, freshest wild salmon fillets you'll find anywhere! Within minutes of leaving the ocean, our salmon are hand selected for quality, the bones are removed, the salmon is trimmed & filleted, vacuum sealed fresh, and promptly flash frozen.

 Simply, the Best!

Wild Coho
Salmon Fillets
Sold Out

Wild Sockeye
Salmon Fillets
Sold Out

8 lbs* $87.84
16 lbs* $159.68
24 lbs* $227.52
Average fillet weighs 2lbs.
(Perfect for Planks!)
Average fillet weighs 1.5 lbs.
(Perfect for Planks!)





Wild King
Salmon Fillet Portions
Sold Out

Wild King
Salmon Steaks
Sold Out

8 lbs* $111.84 ($13.98/lb)
    $111.84 ($13.98/lb)
16 lbs* $207.68 ($12.98/lb)
    $207.68 ($12.98/lb)
24 lbs* $299.52 ($12.48/lb)
    $299.52 ($12.48/lb)
Average size is 12 oz.
For maximum freshness, freezer shelf life should be limited to 1 year.


Affordable Shipping

These premier vaccum sealed fresh wild salmon & seafood fillets or steaks are shipped USPS priority mail anywhere in the USA**.

To determine your actual shipping cost, use the "shipping cost calculator" after clicking a "buy" button above.


*Since wild salmon fillet sizes vary, you may receive extra so... share with your friends!
**Wild salmon & seafood fillets & steaks are shipped Mon. - Wed. Your order should be placed by Wednesday 9am PST for Wed. afternoon shipout. This product is available in the USA only.


Salmon Smoking Accessories

All natural Kiln dried Alder wood & Cedar planks for unparralled BBQ Grilling of salmon, seafood & meats.Salmon Planks

Solid Cedar, Maple and Alder Planks for exceptional wood smoked grilling.

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Create your own unique gift box idea.
Wholesale & Corporate too!

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Baking & Cooking Planks
Baking & Cooking Planks
Just EZ™ indoor cooking planks bring modern flair to any baking recipe.

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Alder Wood Chips & Chunks
Assorted bags of all natural Western Red Alder wood chips & Kiln dried wood chunks for BBQ & meat smokers.
For barbequing or smoking salmon, fish, and seafood nothing beats the taste of
Alder Wood Smoked!

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Pure Pacific Northwest Fireweed Honey Fireweed Honey

Another mouth-watering 
Pacific Northwest Gourmet Treat!

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Wild Salmon Fillets

Fresh wild salmon fillets...
shipped affordably!

Fresh Boneless Wild Alaskan salmon fillets
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